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Luna Komerc Company LLC was founded in 1991 and has since successfully engaged in buying, sorting, preserving and seling of all types of skins on the domestic and foreign markets. We are a family run business based in Stip, Republic of Macedonia, with a considerable customer base all over the word. With its policy of high professionalism in the work, Luna Komerc is established as a stable and reliable business partner.

Along these 26 years we have established excellent relationships with our suppliers and customers. With the constant improvement of the quality of our products and service, we have gained sustained foreign customers’ trust. Most operations of our company relate to exports to Italy, Turkey, Germany, France, England, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Thailand, Korea, China and India.

Luna Komerc currently has 25 employees and its own 3000m2 warehouse, 800m2 modern refrigerator for skins storage  and its own internal means of transportation.